Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wat A Wash ?

Wat A Wash is a company that deals in Dry Cleaning and laundry services. We are a company which has experience of more than 50 years in this industry. We are known for using the best European detergents to give a world-class washing experience.

How does Wat A Wash works?

Wat A Wash is an online service platform wherein you can just book the free pickup via Call/Watsapp/ App or website. Our delivery boy will pick up the order from your doorsteps at your chosen time slot, we will process the clothes at our backend plant and deliver your clothes at your convenient time.

Why should we use Wat A Wash?

Wat A Wash is founded with an aim to revolutionize the way the Dry-clean and Laundry are done. We use high-end chemicals imported from Europe. We provide Free doorstep pick-up and delivery. We have professionally trained manpower who are qualified to handle different types of fabrics and stains. We aim to provide you world-class Dry cleaning and Laundry service at your convenience.

What does Wash & Fold mean?

In wash & fold service, clothes are washed, dried, folded & packed in premium packaging. No steam iron is done in this service.

What does Wash & Iron mean?

In Wash & Iron service, clothes are washed, dried, Steam Ironed & packed in premium packaging.

What does Premium Wash & Iron mean?

In Premium Wash & Iron, in addition to the normal wash & Iron, Spotting and cuff & collar cleaning is also done.

What does Organic Wash & Iron mean?

In Organic Wash & Iron service, clothes are washed in Eco – Friendly chemicals, special attention is given to spotting and Cuff & Collar cleaning.

What does Italian Dry Clean mean?

Italian Dry Clean is a traditional way of dry clean in which clothes are washed in special Solvents instead of water. We Use MTO (also known as petrol wash). We DON’T use PERC as it is harmful for your skin.

What does Organic Dry Clean mean?

In Organic Drycleaning Clothes are washed in a water base with special delicate chemicals That are eco- friendly and safe for your skin.

What is the TAT for Dry clean and Laundry service?

We have turnaround time of 24-48 hours for the Dry clean and Laundry service.

Do we provide Express service?

Yes, We do provide same-day delivery and deliver to you as fast as 6 hours from order creation with extra charges.

What is the minimum order value for free Pick-up and Delivery?

The minimum order value for free Pick-up/Delivery is Rs 299/-, below this there is a charge of Rs 50.

Are there any offers for laundry services?

Yes we do provide different offers and packages from time to time.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order through our 1) Website 2) App 3) Call 4) Watsapp

What are the Operational timings?

We are open from 9AM to 8PM. Monday Closed.

What If I miss my pickup/drop-off time?

Our executive shall call you before pick up/delivery. In case you are not available during the pickup/delivery window you had selected, please communicate the same, along with the revised timing, to our executive.

Can I reschedule my pick up/delivery?

Yes, You can reschedule your pick up/delivery to your convenient time slot through our APP, website, or calling to our customer care number.

How do I give special instructions for my clothes?

Please share special instructions, if any, with our executive at the time of pick up.

What do you suggest to tackle clothes which bleed out color?

Some dark-colored clothes have this tendency to bleed out color and white garments are most susceptible to adhering to this bled color. So we suggest not to give expensive white clothes in the lot for laundry. Dry cleaning expensive clothes is always a better and safe option.

Are there any chances of damage in clothes while washing in commercial heavy machines?

We are using the best machinery and have well trained and experienced staff hence there is negligible chance of damage in clothes while washing.

Why my clothes still have stains after service?

At Wat A Wash we use globally renowned chemicals to remove stains. However very strong and old stains may not get completely removed at once, it may require multiple wash without damaging clothes.

What if an item is missing from my returned order?

In case of a missing item, Kindly call at customer care with 24 hours of delivery.

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