Wash & Fold

Wash & Fold

Wash and fold are one of the simplest yet best online laundry services in Gurgaon. The service was developed for making washing and laundry servicing daily wear clothes.

The process of the same is undertaken and performed in two parts. The first part comprises of usage of machines and high-grade detergents for washing of the several clothing pieces. With the recent health crisis in mind, an additional cycle of the antiseptic wash has also become a routine part of the same.

The second step comprises drying and folding the washed garments without ironing or steam pressing them. This service like all others also aims at catering to every citizen of the city irrespective of financial status, hence leading to extremely cost-effective and reasonable pricing ranges.

Organic dry cleaning services in Gurgaon by Wat a Wash are not just pedestaled but also majorly sought after.

Organic dry clean in Gurgaon is the secondary method of the above-mentioned compartment and is locally known as wet clean. The process of the previously mentioned does not only rely on machines but also includes pre and post spotting which roughly translates to our professionals paying special care to every garment so that every stain is not just spotted but also treated using some select safe chemicals. This thus, ensures that every garment which comes to us for dry cleaning services in Gurgaon receives its due attention at a bare minimum without any usage of Perc chemicals.